Think Safe. Work Safe. Home Safe.

This is our safety mantra, and it forms the basis of everything we do at Bradley Concrete. As we are all coping with the unprecedented impacts of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we have been making significant efforts to ensure the safety of our employees, their families, our partners, and our communities. The following is a summary of the measures we are taking.

Dedicated Resources

From the outset, we committed to supplying our employees, our clients and our partners with important information and resources to keep them up to date on the latest developments and ensure access to support as needed. Steps taken to effectively do this included:

  • Formation of a Pandemic Response Team responsible for evaluating facts as they become available and developing appropriate communication and action plans.

  • Creation of a dedicated website where employees can find links to the latest announcements and other important information and resources.

  • Resources for trade partners and craft workers that provide valuable information about jobsite protocols, as we as other important information for maintaining health and safety.


Safety Measures

Even prior to implementation of the latest Shelter in Place guidelines, we took proactive steps to develop a comprehensive Pandemic Response Plan, following the counsel of the CDC, which provides thorough guidance as to policies, procedures and practices we expect all of our staff, trade partners and clients to adhere to for the safety of our workers and everyone around us both on our jobsites and in our offices.

We shared this plan with our peers and industry organizations, and have since been collaborating with many others to share best practices and enhance our plan.

Highlights of some of the specific precautionary measures found in this plan include:

  • Daily Worker Evaluations – daily temperature and health checks will be conducted for all workers prior to entering the site.

  • Social Distancing – staff are required to maintain social distance of at least six feet, and if not possible, wear additional safety PPE such as a face shield, safety glasses with foam safety gasket, nitrile gloves and/or coveralls.

  • Hygiene Stations – additional hand washing stations and hand sanitizer have been supplied throughout the projects and ample information about health and hygiene best practices are prominently displayed at stations and around the site.

  • General Site Sanitation – professional cleaning service providers or specially trained staff with Blood Borne Pathogen Training provide daily cleaning in high traffic areas.

  • Tools and Equipment – as much as possible, dedicated tools and equipment are supplied to staff each day to avoid sharing; all equipment is to be regularly sanitized and fully disinfected at the end of the day.

  • Face Protection – all staff are required to wear face coverings, regardless of whether or not they are ill.


Additionally, we have comprehensive protocols for addressing situations where an individual may be infected or exposed to an infected person. As we prepare to restart our projects in the future, we are developing additional measures to support social distancing and sanitation while still retaining the minimum number of people on site to safely manage the project, including revising schedules to allow for staggering shifts or altering workday schedules.


Practicing “We, Not Me”

One of our company Core Values is “We, Not Me,” which means we value prioritizing actions and decisions that are for the good of the whole. To that end, every employee has been encouraged to take an abundance of caution and using the same common-sense practices we use to cope with all communicable diseases, including washing your hands and disinfecting surfaces frequently.



We will continue to share updates as the situation evolves.